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  • The Rise of Image Metadata in AI-Generated Content (And How to Solve It)

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    In the evolving landscape of AI-generated imagery, tools like DALL-E, MidJourney, and Stable Diffusion are making significant strides. One notable development is the inclusion of metadata in the images they produce. This metadata can be detected by image processors, revealing the origins of these images. Platforms like Facebook are already beginning to display this information.…

  • How AI breakthroughs turbocharged my day-to-day as an SEO

    How AI breakthroughs turbocharged my day-to-day as an SEO

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    This year started as a special one for me. After many years of wanting to learn more programming, it was the first year it actually made it to be one of my yearly goals. Over time I have been evolving this model from personal OKRs to other ways of doing it, less serious, and at times, more…

  • Agency selection process learnings and framework

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    This post wants to address an agency selection process of any kind, and how to make it fast, effortless and fair to make the best choice for you or your company I was doing this document for internal purposes at Adevinta and thought it would be nice to open source it. This is the learnings of working…

  • Can you index your internal search results pages on Google?

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    I have extensive — both good and bad — experience working with internal search results. In general, I would describe them as having an atomic bomb in your hands, but this is true especially depending on who you are and what you do. Seeing the statement below that John Muller from Google made in early…